We have to take a closer look at our elected officials. We can not simply trust their sparkling speeches full of self-proclamations. We can not just rely on the 50 word candidate platform printed in the voter pamphlet of what great people they are and who endorses them.

We must take a closer look at the incumbent's voting record to really see what they have done for us...... or to us.....


When should you fire your State Representative?

There are 3 ways laws are made in Washington State.


1) By executive order from the Governor

2) Majority vote of the state's 147 legislators in Olympia

3) Through the initiative process of the citizens of Washington State.

It is my opinion that the laws passed by the initiative process are the most coveted laws in the state of Washington.

The sheer effort required to get an initiative on the ballot and fund the advertising to support the initiative is tremendous. You do not see many Initiatives because of the expense and difficulty bringing it to the public. Only when citizens are deeply moved about a topic do you see initiatives take place. Initiatives require tens of thousands of citizen signatures to get on the ballot and hundreds of thousands of votes to pass.

It is my opinion that the people's will, so adamantly demonstrated, should never be put aside.


In the middle of the night while the voters were sleeping, 77 legislators (Led by Pat Sullivan) passed bill SB6130.

This bill suspended Initiative 960 which required legislators to have a 2/3 majority in the house and senate before taxes could be raised on the citizens of this state.

Not only would I not suspend this initiative. I will uphold the will of the voters 2/3 majority to raise taxes, even if suspended by the supreme court on a technicality.

 Over a twenty year period, voters have approved 6 initiatives, including I-960, to require a 2/3 vote to raise taxes, getting as much as 1.9 million votes. 70 percent of Pat Sullivan’s district voted yes on the initiatives.

That didn’t stop Pat Sullivan and 76 other legislators from suspending the initiative late one night while the voters were sleeping and raise taxes on Washington State citizens (approximately 6.7 billion dollars over a ten year period) according to the Office of Financial management.

77 Legislators slapped 1.6 million voters in the face and did exactly what the voters told them not to do.

29 of these legislators are still in office including Pat Sullivan.

Here is a list of legislators and the districts they represent who suspended the initiative and are still in office today.

Sherry Appleton #23, Brian Blake #19, Reuven Carlyle #36, Frank Chopp #43, Judy Clibborn  #41, Eileen Cody #34, Hans Dunshee #44, Roger Goodman #45, Zack Hudgins #11, Sam Hunt #22, Ruth Kagi #32, Steve Kirby #29, Jim Moeller #49, Jeff Morris #40, Timm Ormsby #3, Tina Orwal #33, Eric Pattigrew #37, Sharon Tomika Santos #37, Mike Sells #38, Larry Springer #45, Pat Sullivan #47, Kevin Van De Wege #24, Karen Fraser #22, James Hargrove #24, Karen Keiser # 33, Jeanne Kohl-Welles #36, Rosemary McAuliffe #1,Kevin Ranker #40, DeanTakko #19

My Opponent voted YES on bill #sb 6523 that gave tax payer dollars for college tuition to children of illegal aliens.

That money could have been used to fix our roads. At 5 million dollars a year it could have hired 100 new teachers a year.

My opponent voted to increase taxes or create tax the following taxes;  exise tax, beer tax, soda pop tax, candy tax, gum tax, sales and use tax, gas tax, cigarette tax and property taxes.

In the last 16 years our state has nearly doubled its spending. It is my opinion that we have a spending problem not an income problem.

My opponent voted NO on bill EHB 2789 which placed limits on government agencies to use drones and required the government agencies to obtain a warrant for the use of drones or remote control monitoring devices.

I support privacy of all individuals.

My opponent has voted against charter schools on every occassion up until the last vote to fund charter schools this year, most likely becuase he is up for re-election and needed the pro choice votes.

I am a supporter of Charter Schools.

My opponent suspended the funding for the "SMALLER CLASS SIZES NOW" innitiative that passed in 2014, again slapping the voters in the face.

My signature was on that initiative.

As Mayor of Covington, my opponent showed a total disregard for private property rights and was sued by property owners.The Growth Management Hearings Board combined cases and complaints.

I support private property rights.

  GMHB stated their findings of  "the utter lack of public participation" from the city council The city council changed peoples zoning without even notifying them as required by their own regulations   
Because of the findings, the city did have to go back to the original zoning showing a lack of integrity on the part of the city council and mayor.  








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