Today a "HIT PIECE" was mailed out on me


Today a "HIT PIECE" was mailed out on me

Today I received a “HIT Piece” in the mail.

A hit piece is a mailer sent out to voters in an attempt to discredit a candidate.

They are usually sent out by a Political action committee that represents either a candidate or a political party. They are also usually fictional or twisted at best.

This negative add was sent out in an attempt to discredit me for a bankruptcy filed in 2003.

So I will explain.

After the twin towers went down in New York our country slid into a recession.

I was a builder at the time. No one new how long the recession would last. I had a number of personal construction projects under way at the time. I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t sell anything and I used every bit of personal resources I had to make sure sub-contractors on my jobs were paid in full. Not a single sub-contractor went unpaid.

Unfortunately the economy did not recover in time and I was forced to file a personal bankruptcy. The hit piece claims my business went bankrupt. My businesses never filed for bankruptcy.

Citizens, business owners, and everyday people experienced these kinds of difficulties during the hard times that followed 9-11.

Pat Sullivan was lucky however. As a career politician with no other job, my opponent, sat back and collected his regular government check without a care in the world. His retirement continued to grow and his bills continued to be paid without any worry of a paycheck.

In great contrast, my opponent has never owned a business or worked outside a government paycheck, as far as I can tell. Pat does not know the struggles of a private business owner or average citizen that suddenly has no income. I asked Pat in 2014 if he knew what the average profit margin for a restaurant was and he had no idea.

I would like to point out that Pat Sullivan, through the hard times of 2007- 2013 continued to propose and raise taxes all through our hard times.

On one weekend alone Pat Sullivan lead the charge to suspend a peoples initiative (initiative 960) requiring a 2/3 legislative approval for any new taxes, even though more than 70 percent of the voters in his district passed that initiative. As the House Majority Leader he then brought to the floor and passed a tax package costing the struggling tax payers 6.7 billion dollars over a ten year period.

Pat Sullivan is out of touch with the voters of this state and his district. Pat is out of touch with real people that went through our countries hard times and barely survived.

I was also demonized for my security bunker under my garage floor. It’s actually really cool. You can see it at and read about it on my election page under “Meet Barry”.

It was originally designed to be a secure gun storage room or a tornado shelter. However the survivalist groups fell in love with it.

If you are tired of career politicians and government as usual, if you feel like you have no real representation and your own representative simply slaps you in face, Its time to elect Barry Knowles, a real citizen, a real business owner and truly connected to his community.

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