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On February 5, 2016, the State Senate rejected the confirmation of the Washington Secretary of Transportation, Lynn Peterson, effectively firing her on behalf of all the frustrated citizens across the state. 

It is the Senate’s job to confirm any appointee the Governor may choose for vital positions such as the WSDOT Secretary.  Since February 2013, Lynn Peterson has headed up WSDOT following her appointment by Governor Inslee.

Did Lynn Peterson perform?

Lynn Peterson has been in charge of the following transportation projects since her appointment:

The Seattle Tunnel Project known as “Big Bertha” is being compared to the Boston “Big Dig” tunnel project that was originally estimated to cost 2.6 billion dollars, but finished 8 years behind schedule at a cost of 15 billion dollars. “Big Bertha” is on schedule to beat the Boston tunnel project to be the biggest state boondoggle in the history of the country.

The 520 floating bridge project, or should I say the 520 sinking bridge, has also been a fiasco.

Most recently,  the I-405 reduction of free lanes and the lane tolling program has commuters furious  and has effectively caused traffic grid lock across the entire east side. Strenuous complaints by commuters to the state that traffic conditions have worsened have fallen on deaf ears.

Instead of creating additional regular traffic lanes to ease congestion, the state created 2 toll lanes for each direction with variable rate tolls up to 10 dollars for a trip in the HOV, and reduced the free lanes to just 2 lanes in places in a scheme to intentionally force drivers into the toll lanes.

The citizens waited for someone, anyone, to step up, show leadership, and fix the new system, but only silence ensued from the Governor and his WSDOT Secretary Lynn Peterson.

The issue of the I-405 “fix” was taken up with a bill written by Senator Andy Hill.  The bill required WSDOT to take one of the toll lanes in each direction and return it to a free lane. Senator Curtis King and other Transportation Committee members stated they would not let the bill pass out of committee to be voted on and that’s exactly what happened.

The Democrats in charge of the Transportation Committee did not let the bill sb6152 come before a floor vote. They do not care about solving gridlock. They do not have the will to solve traffic problems.  Instead, the Democrats will soon push for even more tolling on all highways in the region.

The Republican-led Senate had no recourse but to fire the person in charge, Lynn Peterson.  I support the State Senate’s action. 

Whenever state government turns its back on the people and ignores the needs of its constituents, it’s time to replace the leadership.

There was also a bill originating in the House of Representatives, hb2312 that was a companion bill to sb 6152, and it was also stalled in committee, guaranteeing it would never see a vote on the House floor.

Committees’ members are delegated by members of the majority caucus leadership. In the House of Representatives the House Majority Leader, Pat Sullivan, and the Speaker Of The House, Frank Chopp make all the decisions on who sits in committee and these committee members report to the leadership to decide if the bill will even make it out of committee.

In short, it’s the House Leadership that decides if the bill will make it out of committee. Killing a bill in committee is a great way for Pat Sullivan to not take a unpopular vote.

It’s time for new leadership.

It’s time to elect Barry Knowles for State Representative. 


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On January 26th 2016 there was a very important vote taken in the State House of Representatives on Bill HJR 4215.

 This bill was written to place a constitutional amendment on the 2016 voters ballot, implementing the peoples initiative 1366 requiring a 2/3 vote to raise new taxes.

The needed bill was written by Representative Orcutt, because the Democrats had challenged the constitutionality of the initiative 1366 and the Supreme Court agreed, striking it down for technical reasons.

Note the results of the House floor vote:

All 48 Republicans voted in favor, to let the voters decide on the constitutional amendment.

All 50 Democrats voted against, to deny the voters what they have wanted and asked for on 6 different occasions through the initiative process.

 Who led the Democrat floor fight against our citizens? It was 47th District Representative Pat Sullivan.

This is not the first time Pat Sullivan has slapped the faces of the voters in his district.

Initiative 960 was passed a few years ago requiring a 2/3 vote for any new taxes. It passed with a 72 percent vote in Representative Sullivan’s district.

The Democrats attempted to have the initiative 960 overruled by the Supreme Court but the court took too long to rule on the lawsuit. The House Democrats led by Pat Sullivan suspended this peoples initiative long enough to shove nearly 7 billion dollars of new taxes over a ten year period up the tax payers….. Wallets.

The Democrat constant wolf cry that the state needs revenue is simply that….. a cry.

The truth is in the year 1999-2000 Biennium state budget was approximately 45 billion dollars

Today’s 2015-2016 Biennium state budget is approximately 84 billion dollars.

It took our state 110 years of existence to work its way up to 45 billion in spending but in the last 15 years the Democrat controlled state increased spending 39 billion….. Nearly doubling spending.

You cannot blame the out of control spending on population growth because the population in 2000 was approximately 5.8 million and today it’s around 7 million.

That’s an increase in population of 17 percent but an increase in spending of 86 percent.

Just how long can Democrats continue to poke the citizens of this state in the eye and continue to demand more taxes?

It is time to elect someone that represents what the people want instead of special interest groups and lobbyists.

It’s time to ELECT BARRY KNOWLES as our next State Representative and have a real voice that represents us in Olympia.

Please pass this along to anyone eligible to vote in the Kent, Covington, and Black Diamond and Auburn area

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