Your Real Estate Taxes are about to go through the roof if we do not elect the right people! Higher taxes also means higher rents.

Did you know that King County, City of Seattle and certain State Legislators are discussing dissolving the 1 percent cap we have on our property taxes in the upcoming legislative session?

There is only one reason to remove a safety device on taxes………. If that cap is removed, home owners will be descended upon by State, County and City advocates for higher taxes with no limits.

Another attempt will be pushed for capital gain taxes, state income tax and a carbon tax next legislative session.


Does our government really need more of our tax dollars?

Do we have a revenue problem or do we have a spending problem?


Here are some interesting facts to help you decide.

Washington State was admitted into the union in 1889.

From 1889 to the year 2000 (one hundred and eleven years) we slowly crept up our state spending to 45 billion in a biennium budget in the year 2000.

In 2016 (just 16 years later) we have exploded our state spending in a biennium budget now spending 95 billion dollars under Democratic Leadership.

So in the last 16 years, as a state, we have more than doubled 111 years of spending. 45 billion in 2000 to 95 billion in 2016. That’s an increase of 111% in 16 years.


Can we blame it on population growth in the last 16 years? No we cannot. The state population only grew by 17 % since the turn of the century.

I believe we have a serious spending problem. Removing the tax payers safety features on limiting tax increases will cause our already sky high real estate taxes to go through the roof!

We need protection! We need Barry Knowles in the State Legislation protecting our property taxes and defending us against a state income tax, capital gains tax and a carbon tax.

It’s time for new people with new ideas.

Remember: There are only 147 legislators that make the laws for 7 million people to live by. We must choose carefully.

Elect Barry Knowles



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There are only 147 legislators that make the laws that all 7 million people in this state will live by.

We must choose carefully!

We have to look past their sparkling speeches and advertisements of what nice and caring people they are and take a closer look at their voting record to see what they are doing for us…..or to us………

We have been led to believe that State Representative Pat Sullivan is a champion for our schools and is supported by the Teachers Union. Here are some facts:

Washington State was the first state in the country to lose its waiver from the “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT” because Pat Sullivan wouldn’t allow Teacher Evaluation. This cost our school districts approximately 40 million dollars in federal money for education.

Why would anyone be opposed to Teacher evaluations? That’s how we should determine which teachers are good and which ones are bad. Citizens are not opposed to evaluating teachers, unions are.

 One of our biggest problems is that we can’t get rid of poor performing teachers. They are protected by the unions. The WEA union was opposed to teacher evaluations.

Washington State has a High School non graduation rate of approximately 25 percent.

Pat Sullivan has opposed Charter Schools at every opportunity right up until the end of this session when he finally voted in favor of funding Charter Schools in the final hours. Looking at his legislative record - this is most likely a ploy because he is up for re-election this year.

The voters approved the initiative to create the Charter Schools. We do not need a representative that refuses to comply with what the voters in his district tell him they want.

I believe in more choices for parents. The more the better. If you are not satisfied with the public education you should have the right to send your child to a Charter School and have your tax education dollars follow, just as the majority of the people in the 47th district voted.

Pat repeatedly dangles the teacher shortage in front of the voters. He can’t find the money to hire more teachers but he has no problem passing the “Washington State Real Hope Act” which gifts our tax dollars to the children of illegal aliens for their college tuition. What about “REAL HOPE” for the rest of our tax paying citicens children?

The truth is our schools are a disaster! The Democrats have had control of the Governor seat for over 30 consecutive years and been in control of both the house and senate over 90 percent of that time. With that kind of control of Government how can you fail that miserably in giving the people what they ask for, and what our state constitution requires when it comes to our children’s education?

I am Barry Knowles and I am running for State Representative 47th district and I think it’s time we have new fresh ideas when it comes to education.


I would like to see more local control of the schools. Let the Principals hire and fire teachers. Let the teachers have more say in the curriculum. Teachers should be evaluated on a regular basis. Tenure should not be allowed.

Teachers Unions are not always looking into parents best interest, otherwise they would favor more choices for parents and students.

Instead they seem more interested in making sure every teacher is paying membership dues to the union.

Every certain number of student in the public system requires a certain number of teachers. Each teacher pays 1,000 dollars a year to the union in mandatory dues. For example, If 1,200 children left the public school system to attend charter schools, this could equate to 92 fewer public school teachers. That would reduce the amount of the union’s annual income by nearly 100,000 dollars a year under this scenario. That’s a big hit to the unions who use this money to fund political agendas.

The Unions will spend 10s of thousands of dollars on Pat Sullivan’s re-election campaign this year because they own him and he will vote the way they tell him to. If politicians had to wear a race car drivers uniform with sponsors logos, WEA would be the largest emblem on Sullivan’s uniform.

This kind of public betrayal is what happens when public officials stay in politics too long. They become slaves to the unions and other lobbyists that fund their campaigns and pay less attention to what the public wants.

I will not have those expensive colorful brochures sent to your home because I am not owned by any lobby or special interest group that will be funding me. Instead you will occasionally get a factual article, from me personally.



Barry Knowles

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There are only 147 legislators that make the laws all 7 million people in this state will live by.

We must choose carefully!

We have to look past their sparkling speeches and advertisements of what nice and caring people they are and take a closer look at their voting record to see what they are doing for us…..or to us………

If over 70 percent of the people in your district told their representative not to do something, and they did it anyway, would you fire them?

Over 70 percent of the voters in this district told State Representative Pat Sullivan and Mark Hargrove not to raise any new taxes without a 2/3 majority vote by passing initiative 960.

Mark Hargrove complied with the citizens demands.

Pat Sullivan did not.

 Representative Sullivan hoped for the Supreme Court would Rule this initiative as unconstitutional. Before a ruling was ever made Pat Sullivan (as house majority leader) led the charge to suspend that initiative in the middle of the night, under sneaky circumstances, and proceeded to raise our taxes 6.7 billion dollars over a ten year period. Exactly what the voters here told him not to do!

This was not the only time Representative Sullivan slapped the voters in the face and suspended a people’s initiative. Last year (2015) the voters passed the “Smaller Class Size Now” initiative. This required legislators to hire additional teachers now and make class sizes smaller starting in 2016. Pat Sullivan led the charge to suspend that initiative for 4 years.

Sullivan claimed we didn’t have the money.

The facts show otherwise. 16 years ago Washington State was operating on a budget that was approximately 45 billion dollars. Today our budget spends nearly 84 billion dollars.

The claim that we do not have the money is simply false. The truth is that it is being spent else ware. Our spending has nearly doubled in 16 years yet our schools are not properly funded, and our roads are in terrible shape.

It’s clear from the repeated slaps in the face from Sullivan, and others in office, they do not represent the voters in their district. They represent instead their lobby and special interest campaign financiers.

It’s time to fire Pat Sullivan.

It’s time to elect someone new, someone who listens to our community and votes accordingly.




Please forward this to other voters or they may never know.

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Today a "HIT PIECE" was mailed out on me

Today I received a “HIT Piece” in the mail.

A hit piece is a mailer sent out to voters in an attempt to discredit a candidate.

They are usually sent out by a Political action committee that represents either a candidate or a political party. They are also usually fictional or twisted at best.

This negative add was sent out in an attempt to discredit me for a bankruptcy filed in 2003.

So I will explain.

After the twin towers went down in New York our country slid into a recession.

I was a builder at the time. No one new how long the recession would last. I had a number of personal construction projects under way at the time. I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t sell anything and I used every bit of personal resources I had to make sure sub-contractors on my jobs were paid in full. Not a single sub-contractor went unpaid.

Unfortunately the economy did not recover in time and I was forced to file a personal bankruptcy. The hit piece claims my business went bankrupt. My businesses never filed for bankruptcy.

Citizens, business owners, and everyday people experienced these kinds of difficulties during the hard times that followed 9-11.

Pat Sullivan was lucky however. As a career politician with no other job, my opponent, sat back and collected his regular government check without a care in the world. His retirement continued to grow and his bills continued to be paid without any worry of a paycheck.

In great contrast, my opponent has never owned a business or worked outside a government paycheck, as far as I can tell. Pat does not know the struggles of a private business owner or average citizen that suddenly has no income. I asked Pat in 2014 if he knew what the average profit margin for a restaurant was and he had no idea.

I would like to point out that Pat Sullivan, through the hard times of 2007- 2013 continued to propose and raise taxes all through our hard times.

On one weekend alone Pat Sullivan lead the charge to suspend a peoples initiative (initiative 960) requiring a 2/3 legislative approval for any new taxes, even though more than 70 percent of the voters in his district passed that initiative. As the House Majority Leader he then brought to the floor and passed a tax package costing the struggling tax payers 6.7 billion dollars over a ten year period.

Pat Sullivan is out of touch with the voters of this state and his district. Pat is out of touch with real people that went through our countries hard times and barely survived.

I was also demonized for my security bunker under my garage floor. It’s actually really cool. You can see it at and read about it on my election page under “Meet Barry”.

It was originally designed to be a secure gun storage room or a tornado shelter. However the survivalist groups fell in love with it.

If you are tired of career politicians and government as usual, if you feel like you have no real representation and your own representative simply slaps you in face, Its time to elect Barry Knowles, a real citizen, a real business owner and truly connected to his community.

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