I was born in Spokane Washington in 1964 and moved to the Kent area around 1999.

I served 7 years in the US Coast Guard as a Machinery Technician 2nd class Petty Officer.

I performed lateral duties as an armed drug boarding team member, boarding and searching Vessels from South America that were on watch lists when they entered the Straits Of Juan de Fuca.

I attended South Seattle Community College.

I started my own construction company in 1990. As a General Contractor I built houses mostly in the Seattle area, until the economic collapse of 2007.

Since 2008 I have been self employed as a Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor, processing drugs and narcotics for return to manufacturers or DEA monitored destruction.

I am an inventor and I have held a number of provisional patents. I presented one of my products on a fictional television program.

I have held a number of certificates and licenses, most currently I passed the state exam for a Washington State licensed Home Inspector.

I have 5 children.

I coached youth baseball and softball for many years through Kent Parks Department.

I have been active in raising money for Children’s Hospital and Shriners Hospital in the past.

I am a current PC in the 47th District.

I have been active in signature gathering in the past and I ran for State Representative in 2014, losing a close race.

I play hockey and baseball and hike when I can.

I am a conservative and a strong believer in government, law, and the constitution, free markets and individual liberty.

I lecture on  US Constitution history and the 10th amendment.

I am a third generation Washingtonian.

At an early age I had a strong and passionate love for my country. I knew people that had served in WW2 and the Vietnam conflict, and I was humbled by the sacrifices they made for me to enjoy the freedoms I have today. I felt at a young age I had a debt to pay and that I was going to serve in the armed forces before I went off to college. I served for 7 years.

“Duty” It’s the things we may or may not want to do, but we do it anyway. We do it because it’s the right thing to do. Even to the detriment of one’s self.

I volunteered my labor to a construction company in exchange for teaching me how to run heavy equipment. I found my passion. Before long I was running my own construction company. I was a building contractor for over 18 years until the economic collapse of 2007.

I have always been one of those “outside the box” thinkers and since 2009 I have invented a number of products.  One of my products led me to be in a fictional episode of a popular National Geographic show in exchange for advertising.

I am currently contracted with a company to process expired medications and controlled substances from pharmacies to go back to the manufacturer for credit or DEA destruction.

I have raised 5 wonderful children and I am proud of them.

I have a soft heart for children and I have volunteered time to help transport and entertain terminally ill children suffering from cancer.

In the past I have coached children’s sports teams through Kent Parks Department.


I have always been interested in politics. My business has often been the recipient of stifling regulations and taxes imposed by career politicians who have no experience in the private sector.

I have seen over the last 30 years people’s civil rights being trampled by the government.

"We Won’t Be Sheople any longer and follow our elected officials blindly because they are simply nice people. We need to look past the incumbents sparkling speeches and self-proclamations and take a close look at what they have really done for us… or to us."

Lets take a close look at my opponents voting record




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